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Hello there!


To Mario's Lost Girls!

This group is a hub for "Mario" princess characters of all sorts~ To join, please read our rules and send us a join request~

(You don't need to plan on getting a folder in order to join though~)

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Our co-founder, WickedQueenV wanted to say some things, and I think she made some pretty good, fair points. I chimed in here a few times, too. 

" A community is not like a community when it treats itself like high school. Now, I am completely aware that the majority of this lovely family are 13-16 year olds, but in the 2 years I have been in this lovely group I have learned two things:

1. The creators of some princesses ONLY want their princess to be noticed, with ill regard to anyone else's. OR, they will take notice to other princesses based on contest entries.

That is where the high school aspect comes to play:
You only pay attention to what you think is pretty, and what is popular. (And some of you assume that sucking up to the "popular" princesses will make yours instantly popular, too).

2. This group has become rather stagnant.
All new princesses in the group only come in to get a folder, then you never hear from them again.

I wish for, and I know for a fact that I wanna see this group SHINE.
I want to pop on deviantART every day to see new princesses interact with others and have FUN. I want to see them grow and develop more, and see more about them in general, not the same cookie cutter, stagnant princesses with an ill-fated remark to sound humorous or to garner attention for themselves.

I wish for all of us to not make this an unnecessary popularity contest. 

:bulletred: This is not a Spotlight. You want your Princess to be noticed? Pay attention to others.
I am sure you are wondering WHY no one really pays attention to your princess and you have to look around for request journals in order to get gift art and such.
Have you considered that if you pay no attention to others... others won't pay you any mind?
SPEAK to others!! Learn about their princesses! A common love (in this case both having princess OCs) is what creates friendships! It sparks interest into your princess as well! So c'mon! Stop being an overzealous jerk and be SOCIAL.

:bulletorange: No one wants to hear about how your princess is ignored. See above.
This goes without saying, but no one wants to hear you complain/whine how no one pays any attention to your princess. Simply go back to the paragraph before this and read it over to stop that from happening.

:bulletyellow: Your Princess is NOT Peach, Daisy or Rosalina. Move away from them and stop making recolors.
A majority of princesses seem to start off by using the three main princesses as bases. Stop that. Stop that right now. Do you know how much that stunts your creativity?! If you get people calling your princess a clone, then this miiiight be a sign that you need to do more work of your princess!

Not every princess needs to be the default pasty pale, white-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty with the tiny waist! (A good example of this would be literally EVERY "Rainbow" Mario Princess OC under the sun.) You can look at other Mario (or Wario) ladies to get some inspiration, like Pauline and Captain Syrup!

If Mario and Luigi can be two contrasting body types (and be TWINS nonetheless), so can your princesses!

:bulletgreen: You need to understand how color schemes and kingdoms work. (Btw, a Level is NOT a kingdom!)
Another thing I realized is that a lot of people seem to use over-saturated (too bright!) or clashing colors for their princesses. Use a color wheel if you need to! Please do

A level is not a kingdom. It is not a world, or even a galaxy.

You can  make your own kingdom!
...As long as it's not for a specific item (Like fruit or power-ups). You can't rule over a single item! Plus, what fun is it ruling over inanimate objects?

Remember what "kingdom" means:
A state, territory or country ruled by a monarchy. (Be it a king or queen... or even a princess!)
And a Level? That's like a hamster maze with a possible boss at the end. Not exactly kingdom material.

:bulletblue: Some princesses have no soul; they are not creative and need more time to be amazing! They need to develop! Even their beloveds have no soul.
A majority of the princesses have a name, a non-creative dress, an obscure level kingdom with cookie-cutter parents (which usually look FAR too alike the princess. A clone with bigger boobs for the mom, and then the dad looks like the princess with a mustache).

Then their lover is a bland looking gent with no personality, with his only reason for being around her being "love at first sight". Nooooo stop that! So many characters do that!! It's not fair to give your princess a bland boytoy!

OR! You attempt to make them original by simply giving them the same sports/karting outfits as Peach/Daisy/Rosie but in a few different colors.

Your princess is your baby! I am sure they have a family I am sure they have a trade they specialize in! Give their family, and their kingdom, some love! Heck, even create some neat background characters/creatures to show what kinda kingdom they have!

Btw, edgy and apparently "jerkish" characters are so played out! Deviate from that trope and do something interesting! Is your princess always angry? WHY is she? And if the reason is "she was born like that", I want you to stop and think about how you were born. You didn't pop out of a womb with a scowl on your face and a deep loathing of the world!

:bulletpurple: Remember, your princess is from the Super Mario World. Try to keep that in mind.
Another thing I have noticed...
Is that we have quite a few princesses that SAY they are a Mario Princess OC... but their Princesses and everything about them are so far from anything Mario-related they sound like something out of Zelda, or Lord or the Rings, OR Game of Thrones.
Stop that! You don't have to over-complicate your princess to make her seem so original that she deviates from the world YOU stuck her in! The lovely NEAT thing about Mario is that it is SIMPLE. There is nothing as simple as the hero trying to save the princess from a big mean old turtle king!

...Then doing sports and go-karting and brawling and such.

If your princess is starting to become too original/different to be a Mario OC, it might be best to just remove her from the limitations that fan characters have and take her out of the Mario world and write her own story! Fan characters have to abide by the rules of a world YOU didn't create, and it can really stunt your creativity sometimes! (An example is if you want a dark, gritty story with VIOLENCE and DRAMA. That... isn't likely to happen in the Mario world.)

If you find yourself having to come up with a TON of stuff by yourself, like species, religions, and other things, you might want to stick your princess in a world of your own creation where everything can work out exactly how you want it to. If she's gotten to this point, it's likely she doesn't even seem like a Mario character anymore and more like an original character.

Also, if your Princess is HUMAN and ruling over a bunch of little creatures that AREN'T human, then perhaps your princess shouldn't be human. Usually people don't take too kindly to outsiders trying to tell them what to do. In other words... perhaps questioning if a princess is "Princess of Goombas/Koopas/Yoshis/Etc." is a good thing to do! "

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starflash111 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
Seeing as I'm in a drawing mood and have the rumblies for drawing princesses, I'll be open to drawing some princesses for free, since i need to be more active on this account anyway and I need some time away from my homestuck account o3o
princessahagen Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
Can you draw my OC Princess Amber?
starflash111 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Alrighty c:
princessahagen Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Cool! :)
RingleaderRio-Rio Featured By Owner Edited Mar 8, 2015  Student Artist
Do you think we can do an art trade sometime instead of just a request? You draw Rio and I draw your OC? Ive been severely busy and unable to do stuff for a bit and I need to get back to SuperMario stuff again and I wanna start going back to doing other's MLG OCs again😣
starflash111 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
If you want to ;7; what does Rio look like again?
RingleaderRio-Rio Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student Artist
and ringleaderrio-rio.deviantart.c…
I think they're the best refs~

Also, what about your OC? It might take me a while to do it since college is a bit crazy for me work and energy wise, plus I'm only drawing during weekends/rare days off from now on...
still send me link(s) of your OC and I'll do my best~
Glaciliina Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can you draw Jamilia?
starflash111 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
She's the one with the blue and white dress, am I right? I'll get right on it c:
Glaciliina Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay! ^^
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